Women’s Day Buttons / Feminist Buttons

To celebrate International Women’s Day (Friday March 8th) we made these buttons with our Romic button maker.


These feminist pinback buttons are a great way to show your solidarity with women worldwide. Pin-back buttons are inexpensive to produce, making it easy to spread your message with others everywhere you go.

To learn more about how you can get your own Romic button maker, go here.

2 thoughts on “Women’s Day Buttons / Feminist Buttons

  1. Mandy

    I wish I knew about this before IWD 🙁 Oh well, there’s always next year. I volunteer at a Womens Center so I will ask the head person if she can get a button maker for the Centre. I hope we can find a Romic button maker on Ebay.

    1. Roy Romic Post author

      Sorry for the late response! I was out of the office.

      It would be wonderful if you and your organization are able to get a button maker. Buttons are awesome for fundraising, advertising and raising awareness.

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