Animal Button – Polar Bear button

Pretty polar bear pin-back button! This animal button can’t hurt you, unless you accidentally poke yourself with the pin. A polar bear button is a safer way to interact with what looks like a big cuddly creature…

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Animal pin-back buttons can be a fun way to teach kids or people learning a new language the words for different animals.

If you have multiple photo buttons you can play a game of memory. Make sure you have two of each button, flip them pin side up and mix them up. Take turns flipping two buttons over to see if they match. If you are playing alone, time yourself to see how long it takes to correctly pick the pin-back buttons.

Can you think of other creative uses for buttons, other than wearing them?

Learn more about Polar Bears. They are amazing animals!

Vegetarian button – Love button

Make a love button for Valentines Day. Instead of a traditional heart button, create a love pin-back button with your lovers big love – apart from you of course!

Here’s a vegetarian button for your special someone who prefers the potatoes to the meat.

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A heart pin-back button reading “I love Vegetarians”

You can purchase this vegetarian pin-back button here. It also comes in white and black, and if you like another colour you can custom make one!

There’s lots of other vegetarian, vegan and other food buttons and animal rights buttons as well as environmental buttons – Something for every special someone!

Australia button

Australia Day is this Sunday.

If you can’t take a vacation to the Land Down Under and get away from all the snow – it’s summer time there now – this Australia button is going to have to do.

 Australia button, Australia pin-back button, flag button, souvenir

Australia pin-back button.

You can find this and other flag buttons here.

Have you gone on vacation somewhere? Make copies of your photos, cut them out and create buttons with them! They can make great one of a kind souvenirs for family and friends.

Rock button

Did you know that Rock Day was this weekend?

Don’t let the fact that the day has passed stop you from making a rock button. You don’t want to make a rock pin-back button with a real rock though!

political button, rock button, rock pin-back button

This political button reads “Scab for a day – Scab for life” which was spray-painted on a rock in Sudbury, Ontario

Do you like to go hiking around your home or when you are on vacation? If you go and take photos of interesting rock formations, you can create pretty keepsakes for your family and friends.

Solstice button

It may be close to Christmas for many people, but it’s also the time for Solstice.

Solstice pin-back button of Stonehedge

Solstice pin-back button of Stonehedge

This Solstice button shows the sun, which on this day will be seen for the least amount of time out of the whole year. On the Winter Solstice it is the shortest day of the year, the opposite of the Summer Solstice which is the longest day of the year. This year the Winter Solstice is on Saturday 21st.

Christmas tree button

If you haven’t got a tree yet, now might be the time to start planning. Lots of people don’t have the space for one, or someone in their home has an allergy, or the pets trash the tree – so a Christmas tree button is a nice alternative.

Christmas tree button. Christmas tree pin-back button, Christmas buttons

If you have a tree, you can attach a string to the back of the button and hang them up. A Christmas tree pin-back button on a Christmas tree! You can create any design you want, and have ornaments that grow with your children.

Christmas buttons also make nice stocking stuffers, or can be personalized with peoples names and used to label gifts.

Happy Winter, however you celebrate it!

Cookie Button – Food Button

It’s only one month until Christmas!

This Christmas instead of leaving out cookies for Santa, put out a cookie button. The big man in red can wear a Santa button on his suit.

cookie button, cookie pin-back button, food button, santa button, christmas buttons

Food buttons are easier to make than baking cookies, and you don’t need to worry about allergies.

I bet the only person who loves cookies more than Santa is the Cookie Monster. If you can’t stop yourself from eating the cookies you would leave out for Santa, making a cookie pin-back button might be a better idea.

Stay tuned for more Christmas buttons!